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Happy Hour M-F 3:14pm-6:28pm

From the Grape 


Astoria, Prosecco, Veneto, Italy…8.50

Overstone, Sauv Blanc, Marlborough…8.50 // 29.75

Trimbach, Pinot Blanc, France…10 // 35

Fossil Point, Chardonnay, California…9.50 // 33.25

Fess Parker, Riesling, Santa Barbara, CA…8.50 // 29.75


Gladiator, Pinot Noir, California…10 // 35

Apothic, Red Blend, California...8.50 // 29.75

Montecastrillo, Temprinillo, Spain…9.50 // 33.25

Maggio, Merlot, Lodi, CA…7.50 // 26.25

Old Soul, Old Vine Red Zin, Lodi, CA…8.50 // 29.75

Plungerhead, Cabernet, Lodi, CA…9.50 // 33.25

Festivo, Malbec, Argentina…8.50 // 29.75

3.14 Mule Train

Crafted with Cock n’ Bull Ginger Beer, fresh lime, and booze!


Ain’t No Bull…8.50

Classic Moscow Mule with Vodka


Caribbean Mule…8.50

Made with Spiced Rum

Irish Mule..8.50

Made with Jameson Irish Whiskey

Ginger Peach Mule…10.50

Made with 300 Days of Shine Peach Cobbler


Cucumber Mule…10.50

Made with Square One Cucumber Vodka

Colorado Mountain Mule…10.50

Made with Colorado Whiskey


Colorado Cider Co., Glider Dry Cider, Denver

Colorado Cider Co., Lavender Lemonade Cider, Denver

Snowcapped, Honeycrisp Cider, Cedaredge

Tivoli, German Lager, Denver

Red Leg Brewing, Helo Hefeweizen, Colorado Springs

Epic Brewing Co, Escape IPA, Denver

Elevation, Pilsner, Poncha Springs

Elevation, Lil' Mo Porter, Poncha Springs

High Hops, Blueberry Wheat, Windsor

Pikes Peak Brewing, Elephant Rock IPA, Monument

Oldies but Goodies

Old Fashioned

The first documented true “cocktail” was defined in 1806 as a potent concoction of spirits, muddled orange, bitters, water, and sugar; AKA: “Bittered Sling” now called “Old Fashioned.”


Tom Collins

At 100 years old this is definitely an oldie but goodie! Gin and fresh squeezed lemon with a splash of club soda. Yes please and thank you with a cherry on top!


White Russian

Feeling Political? The White Russian referred to the right-wing Bolsheviks of the Russian Civil War during the early 1900's, who were known as the “whites”. We like to think of it as a “dessert worthy” after dinner drink with Coffee Liqueur, vodka, and cream.



It is unanimously agreed the Gimlet was promoted and drunk by the British officers back in the 19th Century. Citrus juice was a huge health benefit to sailors, as it prevented them from catching scurvy—brought on by a deficiency of vitamin C that many sailors previous to the 18th and 19th century had died from. Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlet has been cited by some as the namesake of the Gimlet; acting as a doctor to sailors, he was said to have mixed gin and lime in order to mask the bitter taste. So the moral of the story is…don’t get scurvy, sip a Gimlet!

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