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You Need Pi!


At 3.14 Sweet & Savory Pi Bar, our mission is to contribute to a stronger, independent economy and community, and we have put the work into helping others (that's you!) do the same by sourcing and supplying the best local quality ingredients and products right to your door for you and your customers.


We find joy in serving others, and watching people enjoy a slice of homemade Pi and Quiche is what it’s all about. We love Pi, and carefully handcraft each one from old nostalgic favorites to delicious, interesting flavor combinations and yes, even boozy Pi’s!  Together we can even create a custom Pi specifically designed for your location and customers, using your specialty coffees, teas, beers, liqueurs and multiple ingredient combinations for a unique experience that only you can give your customers!




Connect: We start and continue every partnership with a conversation to understand you and your customer wants and needs.  Together we can create a unique experience for your customers.


Craft: All of our Pi’s are handcrafted right from our Colorado Springs location using care and quality.  You can go wild and choose from our large rotating menu, or you can customize your orders and Pi’s. 


Care: You don’t have a bakery case or display?  No problem, we can supply you with pretty glass Pi displays for non-refrigerated Pi’s to tempt your customers.


Supply: We deliver twice a week so your Pi’s are always fresh and delicious!




Call us: 719-314-6172


Shoot us an email: 

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