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 Did You Know?

things to know about the Pi Bar

Gold C Entertainment Book or Dining Advantage Coupons

We have not accepted Gold C Entertainment Book or Dining Advantage Coupons since 2016. These coupons continue to get published without our approval and despite our attempts to stop publication. We ask that you contact the publisher for any refunds. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

Large Parties

Parties of 6 or more, give us a heads up! We will love you forever and it will reduce your wait time for our yummy pies. And for to-go orders, just give us a quick call to reserve your pies to make sure we have enough of your favorites available.


Why our menu is limited and always changing

We are a small, locally owned restaurant. We receive our produce and products weekly and process everything from scratch, so everything is FRESH. We don't have a truck of frozen pies delivered to us or a huge surplus stored in the back like a chain restaurant.


As a result, you will find that we practice careful inventory management. Not because we don't want to sell you whole pies, but because we simply do not have space to store an endless supply


We recommend our customers call us to pre-order whole sweet pies or to check and be sure we have the pie of your dreams.


As always, slices of our delicious sweets are available for take out or dine in. Thank you in advance for your patience while we continue to grow and become more awesome.


Take Out and Take n' Bake 

As always, our Pot Pi's are available hot out of our oven starting at 11 a.m. to pick up and enjoy at home. And we usually have them available to take home and bake yourself. Please call us in advance to reserve yours today.



(Not the sneezing kind but the EpiPen kind)

3.14 is not an allergen-free environment. Tree nuts, peanuts, wheat flour, dairy, and anything else you might be allergic to probably exist here. Please consult with your server before ordering if you have any dietary or allergy concerns.

Seeds Happen

All of our pies are handmade with real fruit, veggies, meats, herbs, and spices, and we try very hard to go through all of our products for unwanted seeds, shells, the occasional bay leaf, etc. If you find one of these, or something similar, just set it aside and smile knowing that your pie was made with real ingredients.

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